A few dollars and a dream…

A few dollars and a dream…

No one said building your dream would be easy.

A few years ago during the beginning of social media, I conceptualized a community where I could post all the funny content I ever wanted to share with my friends.  Somewhere that I didn’t have to censor my humor in fear of a backlash.  Somewhere I could make a smart-ass comment and not have my co-workers give me side eye the next day in the break-room.

Then with the popularity of Instagram, I noticed stand-up comedians battling back and forth with their new found fans.  Comedians that I never new about were amassing huge followings, not for their stage content, but for their social media wit and banter.

Roast Kings was born.

I spend a huge majority of time text, posting, forwarding and tagging my friends with funny memes, pics, and posts.  Why not have a platform dedicated to only this?  Why not surround myself with a community full of smart asses like me and create some of the funniest content social media has seen?

We hope you enjoy this journey with us.  We have a long way to go, but it helps that we will be laughing the entire ride.

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